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On Water-Floating Rock

Magic exists and permeates everything in this world, and the rocks are no exception. For the most part forged by tectonic and other natural forces, water-floating rock is thought to obtain its magic from the dark depths of the sea, from which much of it rises. Scholars believe the deep sea floor to be a concentrated bog of magic, pointing to both the water-floating rocks and magically powerful deep sea-evolved creatures such as aboleths, merfolk, and mind flayers.

That water-floating rock contains float magic inside of it is widely accepted as fact, as the rock's ability to float in water is directly proportional to its surface to volume ratio. For instance, any water-floating rock reduced to the size of a large wagon is likely to sink. Scholars have yet to determine what it is about water-floating rock that allows it to retain this magic, or what determines the concentration of the float magic, as magic content varies, sometimes even within regions of the same water-floating rock mass. Gems and other stone forms, often found within water-floating rock, have also been found which contain greater amounts of float magic.

One question scholars have been unable to answer about the deep sea magic theory's connection to water-floating rock is why the float magic instilled within the new, rising rock does not itself float to the surface. The current reigning theory, proposed by draconic scholar Metrius, is that the magic at the sea floor is in its most primitive form, choosing its form once it is imparted to some object or creature. As such, we never see anything but rocks imparted with some kind of float magic which brings them to the surface, or rocks which are brought to the shore naturally. Another popular theory, proposed by high elven scholar Ielenia Amakiir, claims the existence of a master of the deep sea magic who actively creates floating rock from the molten materials rising from the land's core. The third most prominent theory, proposed by the gynosphinx scholar Ensaretta, is that the water-floating rock rising from the sea is simply a recombination of smaller pieces of water-floating rock which have sunk to the bottom, avoiding the deep sea magic pool theory altogether.

Water-floating rock presents a hazard unique to sea-going vessels which lake-bound and freshwater vessels are generally not subject to. Many ships are built with plating or extra reinforcements at the lower bow portion of the ship to prevent severe damage from collision with a floating rocks, a plight that claims the lives of many sailors every year. Floating rocks act very much like icebergs, often leaving very little visible on the ocean surface and hiding a large mass below, making them hard to notice until practically on top of them in spite of their comparatively dark coloration. It is usually understood that sea travel is very dangerous, and as such, few people will hazard a trip, preferring to go by air. Ports leading to navigable rivers are enchanted in larger or richer cities to prevent the rare occurence of floating rock from entering the river and endangering the unreinforced riverboats common to such cities. Cove-style ports much more often given this enchantment, to protect docked ships from wandering rock.

[OOC: Being without a computer I can put AIM on and such, and being out of touch with the remaining players, I've decided the only way I can push forward in any way is to start writing some of the culture and magi-physics of this world. I'll have to give it a name some time. Please comment on what you think; changes I should make, something I haven't addressed, anything really. Let me know someone out there is alive.

The stuff listed in these posts, which I'll tag 'world,' is stuff that is, for the most part, generally and widely known to the whole populace of the world. Some of it may or may not affect gameplay, but is really more about the setting. Eventually I want this to be a relatively well set world that I can come back to and have other campaigns in, should I find people willing to play with me and let an amateur like myself DM. For this campaign, I will probably keep pushing if I have to RP everyone myself, because there is story behind Chloe, at least, that I want to finish. I might even want her to meet Ringmaster Falchren again in the flesh, but that I am unsure of and will probably depend upon having others to accompany on that leg of the journey. So yeah, on with the general knowledge...]
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