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OOC on Elephant Tree Blessings

[OOC: About the Elephant Tree Blessings--Andy gave us two things, the healing ability where we can heal ourselves a total of 10 points in one day (come to think of it, that's a lot) and then something extra that he never specified and claimed he would tell us when it came into play.

I'm curious what you people think of the something extra. Should I make it the same for everyone, or shall I create some special feats/abilities for everyone? I'm thinking it would be more interesting personalized, although it would be easier to remember if it was all the same (but then, the first special is the same across all of us). In that case, you guys should let me know what kinds of things you think would be cool--and I should let you know that it's likely to be a psionic type thing, since that's what the Elephant Trees have and enhance in people.

I may extend the healing feat (with less hit points... probably scaled to the creature's current hp) to the animals, as well--Spot, Daisy, Athena, Deuce, and possibly Helgass' mount. I may give them some mental hardiness, as well, as I figure the trees aren't all that discriminatory between their heroes. Technically, Daisy, Deuce, and Helgass' mount didn't do anything and should be lumped with Helgass, but I'm going with them not being completely drunk and thus 'standing guard' over the trees while we were away.

In the mean time, I'll probably try to flesh out more of the backstory on the site, and maybe make a map or two.

But yes, talk to me, peeps! And keep posting actions. I don't intend to leave the tavern until I hear what cosmorific's got to say about whether she wants to keep up with this or not, and it'd be nice to hear if starlightstorm or asphodel wants to give it a shot, but I won't push. I just want to know what I can plan on doing.]

[Extra OOC Edit: Oh yes, and don't forget to check on the comments to immediate previous posts, although once there's a new In Character post, all following actions should either be comments to that one or a new post. Comments just make things a little easier to read sequentially (and would be nice for keeping rounds separated, but it's also nice that new posts show up in my Friends posts page, so I'm getting ambivalent).]
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