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Maybe No Summer...

So it looks like there won't be much of a summer game going on. Andy's too slogged with work to do anything (including get or maintain an LJ) until the academic year starts (thesis due in August, so I guess his life sucks until then) and suggested that if we want to do anything over the summer, that I be temp DM. Hum. This would lead to treasure-hunting and Pentros developing a crush on Chloe, so I'm not sure he'd like the outcomes (or the rest of you, for that matter). I am also monumentally depressed and falling apart, so you could expect a possibly dark world if I took reign for a bit.

I'm still working on getting the character sheets up and operational, but of course I'm missing Kai's info and it's all getting set back a bit by the newsletter stuff. *sigh* But I'll be putting up what I have as soon as I get the chance. I also need backgrounds for Dru and Helgass, but I am of the opinion that Charlie has lost interest.

In an attempt to be more upbeat, I'm looking at the idea of just having the DM roll for everything--it facilitates a more story-like flow to the game. A character would pose something like "Legolas fires off a pair of arrows at the closest Uruk Hai warrior" and the DM would post a response such as "The first arrow glances off the Uruk Hai warrior's armor, but the second plunges deep into his chest. Staggering slightly, the warrior continues his charge at Legolas, swinging his sword and missing." The DM would have rolled for both the arrows, rolled damage on the one that hit, and have rolled for the Uruk Hai warrior's combat moves (and would have left the ending of the Uruk Hai's move open if there was the option for Legolas to do something). It also facilitates nicer play for anyone who might log in from elsewhere, post an action, and not have any dice around (in fact, only the DM would need dice, and he has 'em already). How does that sound?

Also, in random other news, my dad is trying to convince me that I actually want to try and create a database and server to serve the character sheets and whatnot eventually... we will see if this idea goes any further, but it would be neat if I could get it working.

Now if only I could shake the depression >_< I'll try to post a vague recollection of the most recent happenings in a bit so we can at least start roleplaying... if we get into a fight, I'll hop out and buy myself a set of dice and makeshift DM-ness until Andy comes back.
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