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Semi-working Only

Well, technically what we have is up and running and has been since the beginning of summer, but there's a couple of things we get to think about (including how to goad Andy and Charlie into getting LJ's, and I still don't know Leah's LJ handle).

We can't play without the character sheets, and I'm currently still working on getting that on the web. It turns out I can't just fill in the blanks and InDesign doesn't read .pdf files (in spite of being able to make them), so I had to rasterize it on ridicuously high resoluton in Adobe photoshop and save the pages as images (which is apparently what they are, except for the text under the "Name, Player, etc." lines up at the top, which was actual text), place them in an InDesign document, and I'm currently placing textboxes. After I get it done, however, creating and updating character sheets is going to be a cinch, so I think it's worth it.

Also, I think Ali-chan's friend Jen wants to join? And possibly a friend of Charlie's (hearsay from Andy, but Charlie doesn't respond to me), but we'll have to see about that.

There's also the issue of dice and time. A friend of mine (who's done online RPG before) suggested IRC chat rather than AIM, as there are apparently dice bots we could use (and since the dice broadcast their roll, there'll be a natural one-at-a-time rolling, which I think will be easier to track than a bunch of numbers all getting typed in at once). Also means we always have the dice we need on hand, no matter where we are ^_^ Which leads to time, since when we choose to get together affects where we'll be when we play. At the moment, there's a lot of time difference between me and you guys, and I have a definite schedule. We'll have to figure it out either here or in email, methinks.

As a random note, anyone remember where we left off and feel like posting a super short summary so we can figure out what to do? We can post non-fight actions and whatnot for now until the sheets are online (I still need Ali's info from her sheet, since she has it) and we get Andy online.

Hum. I should get myself one of these icon thingies all you folks have while I'm at it...
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