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And Now the Weather, Brought to You By Rysniel

There is a slight chill that enters the inn as a gust of wind blows down the street.

Although it has been the equivalent of summer on the island of Pothos (a floating island rarely experiences regular seasons due to drifting), it is already experiencing a colder change of weather from the shorter sun times and dimmed sunlight from passing into the outer ring of the shadow of Rysniel.

The native adaptive foliage seems to be responding to the change in weather the way the flora local to the stationary continents responds to a change towards autumn, especially the trees. Many of the visible trees are sporting brown-edged leaves and a few, descended or imported from trees of the continents, are just beginning to change colors.

Buildings on the island of Pothos are generally wooden houses, often with open areas--the people are not used to colder weather, as the islands float largely in the vicinity of the equator, and several of the shopkeepers on the main street can be seen working to shore up their houses against the colder weather. The inn, however, seems to have been blessed with continental architecture, and once one of the inn employees hangs a heavy drape over the doorway, the warmth returns.

[OOC: OMG, why is it still snowing in Boston???!!! >:0 Just thought I'd take a moment to mention the Pothos weather, in honor of the lack of springtime here >_< And check comments on the previous post--I didn't feel my short blurb merited a post of its own. OMG, so cold.]
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