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[OOC: Looks like I'm the only one still alive? Is this dead? I'm guessing if I don't get any answers that it is, which kinda sucks since I bothered to make a snazzy new site and all for it -_-]
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okay... where are we again?
See the July 19th Post for a refresher on where we were and to make comments on whether or not I missed anything.
Ack, no, I'm still alive. I was just out of town for two and a half weeks. I'm back now, and will send you stats VERY soon (I swear, for real this time!). I'll also see if I can't poke Jen into posting some info next time she's at my place to use the net.
Okies, that's cool, but you don't have to rush Jen until we figure out a point at which to introduce her (and she'll probably want a history that would reflect that in some way, so she should have a vague idea of where she's from so I can figure it out ^^;;).

Sorry to sound like I'm bullying you people into this, but I'm not really ready to see this go. I feel like if I wasn't so bummed about Andy not being able to do this, maybe he wouldn't have decided to leave me -_-
Hum. I guess the D&D will probably be on hold until the start of the term, then ^^;; I don't think we'll be able to get anywhere in the bit of summer we have left in which I know I will have internet access...

I'm still guessing that nobody is reading this, though, and I'm not really sure how to make it more noticeable when someone posts ^^;;